The Correct Ending to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Jan 5, 2018 | Good ol' fashioned rant

Snoke dies.

Kylo says “We can end this, you and I. We can bring balance to the galaxy.”

Ray hesitates, then takes Kylo’s hand, finding her “place in all of this.”

Finn witnesses from off in the distance, and cries, and kills Phasma in rage.

Holdo pulls off her smash job.

Debris falls and injures Rey.

Lovestruck Kylo is incensed and unhinged when the [Empire] attacks the [Rebels] on Crait.

Luke, “the last Jedi,” sacrifices himself.

The [Rebels] escape, amid many tears.

Supreme Leader Kylo kneels at the bedside of unconscious Supreme Queen Rey.

Ambiguity reigns.

Have the good guys lost?

Rey still has the books. Her bedclothes are gray.

She actually has a teacher to train her.

The tension between light and dark is preserved.

You leave the cinema bewildered, hopeful, having finally watched a worthy successor to The Empire Strikes Back, instead of a Disney movie.