Looking Back at Hong Kong

Oct 28, 2021 | Stuff I wrote

Looking Back at Hong Kong Anthology Book Cover

Amidst the reshaping of Hong Kong’s social, cultural, political and ideological landscape, how do we reenvisage a city that exists in our memories? For those who have left their hometown—or the place they once called home—the question, “What does it mean to be a Hongkonger?” marks a constant shift between conflicting realities, identities and perceptions. Beyond the act of remembering, how do we reimagine our relationship with Hong Kong in the present and the future?

Beyond honored to see my work featured in this brilliant anthology from Chinese University of Hong Kong, about a place that I miss, alongside luminaries like Xu Xi and Jennifer Wong who are the English voice of the city (as it is, as it was).

I lived in and on the edge of Hong Kong for fourteen years. It’s a kind of home that would never let me call it such. It made me grumpy. It often caught fire. It gave me an endless well of stories, and to be considered a Hong Kong writer, even in this tiny fleeting way, is a rare and surreal reward.

Looking Back at HK is available now from CUHK, and will be on Amazon via Columbia University Press in Jan. 2020.