She felt it like a wound….

Aug 8, 2014 | Prose Porn, Things I wish I'd written

Felicia stood at the base of the driveway looking up at the shattered windows. The front door was partly open. She felt it like a wound.

…from Black Moon, a recent debut novel, by some hip young cat named Kenneth Calhoun, about survivors of an insomnia epidemic. (Holy crap I love that premise)

I’ve become more obsessive, lately, toward subtle prose. Unobtrusive prose. Prose on the 9-to-5 office worker side of the Autism spectrum. And how it makes the pointed moments even better. This book isn’t poetry. Far from it. It owns a handful of sentences that ought to get its editor exiled into a desert. But those are few and far between, much less easily noticed than the beautiful lines, and I’ve recommended it to a half dozen people. And not only because I was halfway finished before realizing it was a zombie novel. Easy addition to the long list of my favorite books of 2014.